Are You Ready To Scratchcratchratchatch?

Great news in my email from Jeremy: Kid Koala is coming!

18 June at DXO, the last weekend of my pupillage. ROCK!

Let’s just hope I’m not a drunk strumpet by the time he starts doing Drunk Trumpet.


  1. On a totally unrelated note, the closing ceremony is on the 3rd of June, 6 – 8 pm at the University Cultural Centre, NUS.

  2. On an even more unrelated note, you should put a friendly little RSS feed button on your website. Unless you’re purposely want to make people work a little harder for it.

  3. Kelly: How big is DXO? Will I have to bring my binocs to be able to watch his skillz? (Serious question!)

    Mayee: Thanks, but think I’m at a wedding that night. Pity, I’d have liked to go.

    Finnegan*: Good point, my only reply is that it isn’t there because I’ve been too crap to put it there yet. This entire freaking site design was meant to be transitional because I have a thing about designing my own site and not using other people’s templates, but here we are, one and a half years later. Sigh. I’m adamant on getting round to a redesign in time for the blog’s 5th birthday in November, and will definitely include it then. Thanks for bringing it up. :)

  4. michelle: DXO’s main floor is about the same as Zouk’s, with a mezzanine level. If you wanna look at his scratching skillz, forget about it. The DJ consol is raised wayyy to high. Horrible design. At boy george, people were being carried on shoulders just to shake hands with him.

    tessa: DXO is a new club at the Esplanade owned by NTUC and they have horrible write ups on their website and their TV screens inside the club saying stupid things like “jump on the DXO train and ride on ecstacy”, that kinda stuff. Raad more here. But that said, it’s a pretty nice club..with a nice outdoor balcony on the 2nd level and the service there has been nothing short of impeccable the 2 times I’ve been there…the 2nd time for a happy hour where the staff kept coming up to refill our free nuts (which had CASHEWS and MACADAMIAS in them, not just your cheapie peanuts…ooooo).

  5. Kelly: Well, I guess 18 June gives Alec a few weeks to start working out in preparation for my weight on his shoulders then. ;P

  6. Oooh, tough call now that James Zabiela is coming to Zouk on that very same night (so it says on his web site). James’s scratching technique is beyond compare in my eyes. Plus, when he does the visuals – as he did last year – old transformers cartoons were broadcast on the widescreen.

    Nevertheless, I’m sure we’ll all have fun wherever we are.

  7. oohhh. James Zabiela…James Zabiela is god on the decks…and he’s a cutie too. Oh boy…I don’t know if I can miss James Z……damn!!! How? How?

  8. I think it’s probable that Kid Koala’s set will be shorter than James Zabiela’s – so you can probably rush over to Zouk after that?

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