Some people see Jesus in a potato chip. Last night, I had my own miraculous encounter when, while squeezing my tube of facial moisturiser, the white gob that came shooting out landed on my finger in the shape of…

Praise the Lord!


  1. For some reason, I read that as “…while squeezing my face, the white gob that came shooting out…”, and I thought to myself, by God, she has really huge pores. Then I looked at it again and thought, man, I am really dumb.

  2. Matt: Eh? What’s a CDC? (I hope this isn’t a dumb question where my ignorance will expose me to ridicule.)

  3. Click the link. It’s not very grown up, so if you’d like to maintain (ha!) a high opinion of me, don’t click the link.

  4. You know, the only thing more amazing than the way that blob came out is how it excited you enough that you had to go grab your camera, take possibly more than one shot while hoping the blob wouldn’t run, load the pictures into your computer, select the best one, balance the colours, crop it, load it on to your computer AND write a blog entry on it.

    All that for a blob.

    And you know what, I can totally relate to that sort of behaviour. Welcome to the wired generation :)

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