All I Was Missing Was The Trucker Cap

As usual, I woke up late, threw on some clothes, grabbed my bag and headed out for my morning lectures. Later, I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror and was slightly horrified at my indie conformity – black Sonic Youth T-shirt, black plastic specs, bedhead hair, copy of Garden State in my hand. If I were a jock, I’d beat me up.

So tomorrow I’m wearing an orange halter-neck top and skanky hoop earrings. Better ho than hipster.


  1. Weirdness, I just experienced déja-vu while looking at this entry…

    Another totally off-topic comment, but your comments thing seems to deactivate itself after a while. So…

    Yeah, well I was in Italy at the time you passed your driving test. And, like, geez, like, what’s your damage Michelle? :-)

    I got postcards 2 and 4 late last week and postcard 3 on the weekend. I’m so glad I don’t need to read them in order. Looking forward to the rest as and when they dribble in.

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