All Clear

4 lumps, 4 “no evidence of malignancy” conclusions. In other words, I’m okay. :)

But please, don’t forget the reason I went public with this in the first place.

It is now nearly a year since my first visit to the doctor, and I had known a lump was there for more than a year before that. I have been blessed with a happy ending (as are 99.5% of women under 40), but if I had heard bad news today I would have had to deal with the disease knowing that **I** could have done so much more to protect myself from it but didn’t – and ultimately, that’s what I’ve hoped my story could help to prevent for other young women. Lots more information, for anyone who’s interested, can be found here.

Thanks to everyone, strangers and friends alike, who expressed their concern and support in comments, emails, text messages, conversations, and prayers. I am neither wealthy nor wise, but at the moment it just feels amazing to know I am healthy.


  1. Great news after what must have been a rather tense last few weeks. Good to know!

  2. Glad to hear all is well Michelle. Hope to see you fit and healthy when you come to London soon.

  3. That’s a relief. Quite aside from the fact that the world would be a poorer place without you, a bad result would have made me feel terribly guilty about rising to your remark about boob jokes. Good to know you’re ok.

  4. As one of your regular readers, I’d like to say too many people have needlessly gone down that wasting path, and it’s good to know you won’t be one of them. Congratulations for choosing the road more and more (hopefully) travelled by.

  5. PHEW… after losing a mentor to breast cancer, i hate to hear anyone losing their lives to breast cancer just coz they didnt check their body carefully.

    was having some problems accessing your website. kept prompting “not found”. i was scared…

    all the best!!



  6. Yes, very happy to hear the all clear as well. Another big Ramsay Hall-style hug is in order.

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