A Sucker For Some Things

These links are loosely related by their cute cartoony content. (Stop rolling your eyes.)

  • Calvin & Hobbes Snow Art Gallery
  • I suppose there are hipper cartoon strips to be reading than Garfield, but I’ve always had a soft spot for it. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of Garfield strips that I love, but these are some from recent months that I’m rather fond of. (I must admit, the personal draw of the last two for me is that they quite accurately reflect my average daily wakefulness, or lack thereof.)
  • The Difference Between Europe And Italy is obviously inspired by the South Park School Of Extreme Low-Tech Animation, and manages to be just as appealing if not quite as offensive, except perhaps to Italians.
  • Animals On The Underground will charm Londoners a little more than others, but its genius deserves to be highlighted for all. (Out of curiosity, I tried to do the same thing with the Singapore MRT map, but could only come up with a snail, outlined mostly by the shell of the Circle line, the body of the East West line from Paya Lebar, and the two tentacles leading to Pasir Ris and Changi Airport.)


  1. When younger, I used to be a big Garfield fan. Since then, I have, uh, matured into a Dilbert fan.

    Still, I eagerly await the Garfield movie…

  2. I love the “I love you too Odie” one.

    Only thing is than in reality, it’s not so sweet nor funny when your boyfriends fatter-than-Garfield fat-ass of a cat insists on nuzzling his fat ass into your not-a-fan-of-cats face while sleeping. Thus me being awake at 430am randomly surfing the web.

    On that note, Mich, I’ll be heading home for Spring break (21-30thMarch). Any chance we could meet up? Email me at kelly@kelchan.com I think I sent out an email to you but for some reason I keep forgetting which email of yours to use. Is the rockfan one not in use anymore?

  3. The Garfield movie looks like it’s gonna bomb. I mean, look at what they did to Scooby Doo. I prefer my cartoons two-dimensional.

  4. I have seen the Garfield movie trailer and was bitterly disappointed. It features a fat orange cat that doesn’t look like Garfield, a yellow dog that doesn’t look like Odie, and a loser who doesn’t look like Jon.

  5. Hey Michelle,

    You got the cheer right =)

    Oh, I was talking to U-Shaun about your site, and – gosh! – when I mentioned ‘a certain Michelle who studied law at UCL’ he immediately said, ‘Quek. Michelle Quek.’

    So to ascertain: are you Michelle Quek? If so, U-Shaun says your moots were most scintillating ^.^

    I just got back from London today and boy did I spend alot of money! And to think I hardly went out!

    I read your post re your desire to watch Jerry Springer – The Opera; well, I watched it. To be honest, it was most tasteless; 1/4 of the audience walked out after the 1st act. I would have done so had not my mum stoically sat through the show. She’s in agreement though: the show is most truthfully the worst we’ve ever had the misfortune to see, rave reviews or not.

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