A House Is Not A Home

I know it’s been quiet around here lately, one reason being that my web host’s uptime has been extremely sporadic. The last time this happened, Karen very generously offered to host me. I didn’t make use of it at the time because I didn’t have the spare time to research moving WordPress between servers and was scared I’d screw something up, but I’ve finally managed to look into it and will be taking the plunge this weekend.

So things may be a bit iffy around here for a few hours or days as the move takes effect, but hopefully I shall emerge from the murky depths dripping resplendently like Ursula Andress. (Aside: I googled “Ursula Andress bikini” just to make sure I’d got the pop culture reference right, and this was the first hit. I know the wonders of the Internet should cease to amaze me at some point and I would have fully expected to find bikini photo galleries from my search, but not a site that apparently bases most of its analysis “upon the work of Flugel and his study of the shifting erogenous zones”.)

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