3 CDs & Some Wishful Gig-Thinking

More money spent at Django, hooray, alas, whatever!

Death Cab For Cutie: We Have The Facts And We’re Voting Yes
Starlight Mints: The Dream That Stuff Was Made Of
Kruder & Dorfmeister: The K & D Sessions

The first two are for me, and the third’s for Nick, who turns 21 on March 29, and I hope hope hope he doesn’t go and buy it for himself before then.

A scrounge through the latest Time Out in Budgens revealed more gigs I’d really like to go to but’ll probably end up missing, primarily for lack of company:

Sunny Day Real Estate, March 6
Low, March 22
Yo La Tengo, April 10
Stephen Malkmus, April 17
Sigur Ros, April 24

I may well do a repeat of my Flaming Lips/Built To Spill/Wheat/Smashing Pumpkins lone woman experience for Yo La Tengo and Stephen Malkmus, but it really isn’t much fun. Sigh. All I really want is some rich generous indie-rock loving friends with vast amounts of free time on their hands. And a pony.