2004 List: 9 Songs To Thank MP3 Blogs For

9 great songs I’d never have heard and wouldn’t currently be trying to purchase, if some of my favourite mp3 blogs hadn’t committed copyright violations for the love of music: (Links are to corresponding entries at the relevant hosting blog where possible. The songs probably can’t be downloaded there any more, but I’m sure you can find them elsewhere if you’re resourceful enough.)

  • The Bug Speaks (The Song Corporation) (from said the gramophone)
    The best pop song about totalitarianism, ever. “The nobility of suffering was foremost in my mind / When I said that I feel that sacrifice has been too much maligned / I have a great respect for those who suffered for their race / And my policy will be that lots of suffering take place.”
  • lugu lugu kan-ibi (Bunun Tribe / David Darling) (from said the gramophone)
    A beautiful Taiwanese tribal song, accompanied by cello.
  • Freaks (Lil Vicious featuring Doug E.Fresh) (from gabba/POD)
    Human beatboxing as dancehall riddim!
  • What You Waiting For (Jacques Lu Cont remix) (from Laces)
    I barely noticed the original despite its media saturation, but Lu Cont’s divinely exuberant synthy version totally brings out the fag hag in me.
  • Rok One’s Crazy (Rok One) (from Laces)
    I bet you thought Vanilla Ice spoiled that Under Pressure sample for all rappers forevermore, but Rok One does a new tongue-in-cheek take on things.
  • Ghost White Flowers (The Tease) (from Fluxblog)
    It’s like Idioteque, except it isn’t like it at all.
  • The Trumpet (George Atkins and Hank Levine) (from Fluxblog)
    If you haven’t already heard this, I guarantee you’ve never heard a song like it. JFK giving a speech about tyranny and poverty becomes the leader of a pop band on helium.
  • In The Belly (Other Passengers) (from Music For Robots)
    I’m a sucker for drama and distortion. Think Mogwai with vocals by Interpol.
  • Avminnast (Nils Økland) (from Music For Robots)
    Austere Norwegian fiddle music, a soundtrack to movies of ice and snow that don’t exist except in my imagination.


  1. Have you noticed this random Lu Cont revival? The mix is great and I’m a closet Stefani fan anyhow.

    Am shamelessly into Annie’s Chewing Gum. And how dirrrty [nod to aggie] is Ciara’s Goodies

  2. I must be more Singaporean than I thought, because I don’t share everyone else’s mad love for Chewing Gum (too repetitive). I prefer most of the other tracks on the album, especially Me + 1.

  3. Hi Michelle! Thanks for your kind words about “the bug speaks”….If you want and you email me your address, i’ll mail you a copy of the cd. we’re releasing it ourselves on feb. 12th….Thanks again, hope you’re doing well.


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