’09 Refine

I had a look at last year’s New Year post, and was glad to see that I didn’t do too badly on following through with the resolutions. I made a fair bit more jewellery than the initial experiments I posted here, redesigned this blog, significantly upgraded my photo post-processing skills, opened a better savings account than my lousy POSB one, made a small low-risk investment and am considering a few more, and improved my insurance coverage. But sadly, I’m not sure whether I succeeded in exercising more, and if I did it was marginal.

The 2008 I was looking forward to also lived up to my expectations. It was a slightly indulgent and inward-looking year, admittedly, because I just loved spending time with Alec in our home and felt a little less motivated to go out. The downside of this is that I probably indulged the lazy introvert in me a bit too much and socialized less than is good for me; the upside is that when I did go out I enjoyed the events and good company to the full without feeling jaded, drained or financially stressed.

In 2009, apart from not totally falling off the wagon for last year’s resolutions, I’d like to:

  1. Get better at this DJ thing: I’ve got the turntables, am waiting for the mixer I want to arrive in January, and once that’s here I will practice practice practice!
  2. Re-establish contact with long-distance friends I’ve been terrible at keeping in touch with: Although my life is blissful, it doesn’t make for interesting email fodder so I put off writing emails because I feel bored stiff by my own writing. And although I would love to know how my friends are doing, it feels lazy to keep asking if I can’t even be bothered to reciprocate with something substantial about myself. My strategy going forward will be to start with shorter, more random, but more numerous emails in the hope that this will at least be an improvement from my previous paralysis.
  3. Take better control of my sleep: I am a night person and can’t change myself into a morning person, but I can certainly stop staying up late surfing aimlessly when I’m not even absorbed in anything I’m seeing, and I can also stop lying in bed till noon on weekends out of sheer inertia rather than real tiredness. I’m really reluctant to adopt this resolution, to be honest, because it feels like growing up – but there it is.

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